Stephen Bourne

stephen bourne

Not Love Alone – A Modern Gay Anthology

Compiled and Introduced by Martin Humphries
Gay Men’s Press (1985)

A collection of poetry by gay men as opposed to “gay poetry”.

Stephen’s contributions include ‘Boats in Front Gardens’, ‘Shadow (written during the Brixton uprising in 1981)’ and ‘Lost’ .

"Something of a breakthrough…here at last is gay poetry about something more than cocks or sex generally, and not before time…it is a welcome addition to my bookshelf…There are 31 poets represented here in 99 poems, none of which are less than good, and many of which could have something to say to the straight world too! Like Stephen Bourne’s ‘Boats in Front Gardens’…more than promising, Not Love Alone should not remain on the shelf in a bookshop: buy it!" (Square Peg)

"This is not a ghetto publication but a serious and often moving testimony to the sheer complexity of male sexuality." (Unidentified review)

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